Colonel Eugen Baur

Eugen Baur was born on 21st July 1894 in Hechingen / Hohenzollern.

He entered military service on 04th August 1914 as a cadet in the reserve battalion of the 6th Infantry Regiment (Württemberg ) „King William the 1st” No. 124 and participated in the first battles of his regiment, where he was slightly wounded on 12th August 1914. He returns to service as a student from October to November at the officers school in Doeberitz and returns back to his regiment on 6th February 1915, where he was promoted to lieutenant on 21st May 1915.

Following fights in various battles, he is severely wounded on 31st July 1916 by gas poisoning. After curing, he is transferred to the Replacement Battalion of his Regiment.


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