Receipients of the Knights Cross


The Knight’s Cross was to be awarded for acts of ultimate bravery in the face of the enemy. The award was also extended to foreign nationals fighting with the Wehrmacht or SS. The Knight’s Cross was unusual in other ways: unlike awards as the British Victoria Cross, or US Medal of Honor which were strictly valor based, the Cross could also be given on a point basis. For example, a pilot could of received the Knight’s Cross in 1940 for downing 26 aircraft. As the war went on the tally got higher, in order to receive the award. A U-boat commander could get the Knight’s Cross for sinking 100,000 tons of shipping. In all these cases exceptions were made. Unlike the Victoria Cross, a Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross could also be given for successful command of a battle, or even in some cases for a successful withdrawal. In some cases the Knight’s Cross was even given for services rendered. As a result of all of this, the Knight’s Cross of the Iron Cross was a all around award. Judging by it’s low number of recipients 7,318, Knights Cross awards were very stringent.

General of the Infantry
Dietrich von Choltitz
May 18th, 1940

General of the Infantry
Hans Schmidt
350th award
September 22nd, 1941

General of the Infantry Walther Hahm
650th award
November 15th, 1941

Lieutenant-Colonel (GS) Erich Labrenz
December 31st, 1941

Eugen Baur
843rd award
February 2nd 1942

Dr. Hermann Bracher
2018th award,
August 23rd 1943

Felix Ostermann
August 26th, 1943

Hans Passegger
August 27th, 1943

Dr. August Friker
September 04th, 1943

Hans Helmling
September 13th, 1943

Sergeant First Class Emil Löffler
November 12th, 1943

Otto Vincon
2386th award,
December 03rd, 1943

Wilhelm Nädele
November 04th, 1943

Heinz Schroeder
November 04th, 1943

Lance Corporal Richard Foldenauer
November 12th, 1943

Friedrich Strohm
2557th award,
January 18th 1944

Theodor Jansing
January 26th, 1944

Officer Candidate Paul Curt Cullmann
3146th award,
June 09th 1944

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